Global Key Data Points

  • 12%
    Date shows change since 2009
  • 26%
    Date shows change since 2009
  • 62%
    Date shows change since 2009
  • 59%
    Date shows change since 2009
  • 34%
    Date shows change since 2009
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IATT Integrated Service Delivery Models

Integrating HIV and Sexual Reproductive Health Services to accelerate the elimination of Mother to-Child-Transmission of HIV

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Latest News

Day 4 at AIDS 2014: Meeting global HIV targets is possible – Bill Clinton

Summary of the press release: Earlier today, Wednesday, July 23rd, former U.S. president Bill Clinton delivered the keynote address at AIDS 2014 to a room full of delegates, scientists, and policy makers, urging them that achieving an AIDS-free generation was …
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WHO Global Update on the Health Sector Response to HIV, 2014

WHO recently released the Global Update of the Health Sector Response to HIV Report.  Using 2013 data, the report is organized based on the Global Health Sector Strategy on HIV/AIDS 2011-2015 framework. The report urges that more should be done in improving …
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A Call to Action for all Children

UNICEF hosted a Global Partners Forum (GPF) on Protection, Care, and Support for all children at the AIDS Conference in Melbourne on 20th July, 2014.  The forum addressed the social and economic factors that continue to hinder progress towards achieving an …
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