Global Key Data Points

  • 12%
    Date shows change since 2009
  • 26%
    Date shows change since 2009
  • 62%
    Date shows change since 2009
  • 59%
    Date shows change since 2009
  • 34%
    Date shows change since 2009


IATT Integrated Service Delivery Models

Integrating HIV and Sexual Reproductive Health Services to accelerate the elimination of Mother to-Child-Transmission of HIV

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Latest News

India Policy towards Universal Screening for HIV during Pregnancy

Annual pregnancies in India are estimated at 29 million, but only a third of pregnant women are tested for HIV. The HIV burden in pregnant women is estimated at 38,000 cases per year. The aim of providing universal screening is …
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Policy Impact

The Costs and Impact of Scaling Up PMTCT in Nigeria

Despite a high incidence of new HIV infections in Nigeria, prevention-of-mother-to-child transmission of HIV service coverage remains low. With such a high burden of HIV (over 3.2 million people) it is imperative that Nigeria adopt a cost-effective strategy to accelerate …
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UN launches ‘All In’ strategy to end adolescent AIDS

17 February 2015 –At the launch of the ‘All In‘ Strategy in Nairobi, Kenya world leaders recognized that progress toward ending AIDS in the adolescent population is much slower compared to adults.  The ‘All In’ strategy, a partnership between UNICEF …
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